If your children are gluten intolerant, coeliac or if you simply want to go for a low glycemic index diet (see the related post Smart Food for Smart Kids), this quick and easy recipe is for you. It’s also sugar-free  yet delicious and it will please the whole family.

Ingredients :

400g ripe bananas (about 4),

6 eggs

2 large pitted dates, or 3 small ones

60ml coconut oil

70gr gluten-free flour (I do a mix of chestnut, brown rice, buckwheat and oat, but you can use a single one and also use corn flour)

20g chia seeds

A dash of vanilla (ideally natural, in powder)

2 tsp cinnamon powder

2 tsp baking powder

Walnuts or pecan nuts (optional)


Instructions (children can easily bake this alone or with a little help) :

Preheat the oven (170º).

Mix all ingredients in a blender EXCEPT CHIA SEEDS AND NUTS.

Add chia seeds and nuts and let rest 10 mn.

Grease a cake mould with coconut oil.

Bake for 50 to 55 minutes.

In winter I serve it with a persimmon puree.

Bon Appetit!