On Monday the 9th of January kid’s wear magazine will launch a new magazine dedicated to the world of design for children, lifestyle, toys and accessories. We do our very best to squeeze a little more information and a sneak preview from the editors Petra Barkhof & Ann-Katrin Weiner.

After celebrating 20 years of kid’s wear Magazine in 2015,  this is a very exciting development. Has it been in the pipeline long?

A-K.Weiner: No, it was a spontaneous idea. We fall in love with it- et voilà :-)

P. Barkhof: …This idea had been buzzing around my head for a long time.

For many years, together with an Italian photographer, I produced home stories, did the styling and published those photo productions in various international interior magazines. Lot’s of those incredible houses almost looked like art galleries… and quite often I was astonished, that children peacefully lived in such amazing spaces, surrounded by fragile sculptures and lots of art… kids adapt so easily, no matter where they live – a penthouse, a palazzo or a camper…

I was always fascinated by abandoned houses and visiting empty, deserted old houses with kids is for them like travelling back in time – inspiring places spark their creativity.

You will find an amazing one in our first issue…

Why now ? is the market ready for this magazine?

P. Barkhof: I don’t know if the market is ready – but I know: We are ready! kid’s wear Living – there is no other magazine like this… spaces shape us, thoughts are leaving traces… therefore it is important to create special surroundings for children’s sensitive minds…

What can we expect from kid’s wear Living?

A-K. Weiner: A new and fresh view on childhood

P. Barkhof: A fantasy booster for both – cool kids who are seeking playful adventures and parents who are conscious about quality and functionality.

kid's wear living vol.1 ashlyn-london_

Clapton Laundry: photo by Achim Lippoth, styling Ashlyn Gibson

What shouldn’t we expect?

A-K. Weiner: Fashion- for that you have to look into the kid`s wear Magazine

P. Barkhof: It won‘t be a classic interior magazine…


Uninhabited, House Beires by the architect Álvaro Siza Vieira photo by Carlos Lobo

Kid’s wear Magazine is noted for the amazing artists and creatives that regularly contribute. Many of which normally work outside of the kid’s sector, is this something that will carry over to kid’s wear Living? 

A-K. Weiner: Surprise:-)

Design for the children’s sector seems to have become more sophisticated over recent years. Firstly do you agree with that assessment? and secondly do you see a common thread between successful and enduring designs for children?

A-K. Weiner: Yes, of course- and it´s very important to develop this section because it will strengthen the brand.

P. Barkhof: Sure… kid’s design became more sophisticated, like everything. Parents are more curious, more alert and considerate. Interior should be a bit magic, to spark children’s imagination…

Best place to sit down to read the magazine?

P. Barkhof: hmmmm… maybe while doing a headstand?

A-K. Weiner: Think about your favourite place in the world

Can you give us some spoilers from the first volume?

A-K. Weiner: We’ll take you around the world- Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, South Africa

Finally, when and where’s the launch party?

P. Barkhof: You will soon receive an invitation…. ;-)

Ann-Katrin Weiner & Petra Barkhof, Kid's Wear Living editors
Ann-Katrin Weiner & Petra Barkhof


Kid’s wear Living launches on Monday 9 January 2017