Stephane Gerbier with Isis-Colombe Combeas and her son Aliocha at the Milk party hosted by YoyaMart in Fall 09. 

YoyaMart, Gansevoort Street in the Meat Packing District, NY

When YoyaMart opened in January 2004, it brought a whole energy to New York. It was new, innovative, fun and exciting. Since that, YoyaMart hasn’t stopped surprising us with new concepts + great events. Stephane Gerbier, the French co-owner behind this success tells us more about his adventure and what he likes.

Your best moment at YoyaMart in 7 years?
We organised a big event at Stephan Weisz gallery with Dona Karan and we were able to produce an exclusive line of Designer toys with four of the best illustrator on the scene-exclusively for the DKNY Stores and YoyaMart. Another great moment was to have Edge of U2 coming at YoyaMart and telling me how much he likes the Store. I though I was going to melt…          

Children’s brands that matter?
There are many great brands around, but I vote for Essentiel girls and Bellerose for their elegance and casual chic approach, choices of the right fabrics. Parents and children agree on it. They are not a trend, they are here to stay. Belgium designers for kid’s wear are the best. Outside fashion, I love Medicom Toys in Japan. They transformed the perception of collectible toys into the most desirable Pop Art for the 21st century. Their vision is impeccable.          

One that is the most dear to you?
Paul Smith for kids which we will carry in Fall 2010. I always loved the brand for myself and I want to see my children wearing it.        

The movie you preferred as a child ?
The Party with Peter Sellers. My parents took me to see it and even though I could not understand the meaning of the movie (critic of the Hollywood system) it was a pure moment of happiness with my family. 

Favorite movie to watch with your children ?
Nightmare before Christmas. A masterpiece…forever!          

Best store in NY ?         
Pretentiously ours…YoyaMart has no guidelines. Everything can happen. One day we will sell hydrogen cars the other day monster looking chocolates. Tough business to maintain…but we are still here!           
Your favorite color for summer 2010?
Green…The color of hope!