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PHOTOS / Susanne Dittrich
STYLE / Iris Görling
HAIR & MAKE-UP / Martina Eppers

Susanne Dittrich, PHOTOGRAPHER
Born and raised in Hagen, Germany,  Susanne got her master degree in photography. After 5 years worldwide travel and living abroad, mainly in the US, she settled down in Hamburg in 1998. Today she works a an freelanced photographer. She worked for several clients worldwide and major magazine like Marie Claire, Men‘s Health and Modern Living.

Iris Görling, STYLIST
She studied Marketing and Management in Heidelberg , Germany and also got her MBA degree. This was followed by stations in an advertising agency, Kaufhof AG and as a fashion editor for the German KidsWear Magazine. In 2004 she decided to start her own business as a freelance stylist. Today she lives in Hamburg and works, mainly for fashion and advertising.

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