Do you know Sisters Guild ? More than a boutique it’s a destination for new things or old things, all with high creative content : products from a favourite designer, prints, recipes, vintage pieces that echoes from your  childhood… Take a look at this amazing Doll House Desk and Bench Bed, both new additions to their catalog.

Founders of Sisters Guild, sisters Carla and Becca are constantly searching for what could become the classics of the new generation. They focus on beauty, creativity, discovery and inspiration to create a wonderful collection of pieces for adults, kids, homes, and to celebrate the creativity they find amongst other bloggers, writers, makers and mums.

The new Sisters Guild collection is called Atelier Sans Souci and it mixes graphic + industrial, with an artisanal root. It emerges from the interest of a group of designers to create in both industrial and graphic fields. The manufacturing and tradition are a clear statement of the projects of Sans Souci Atelier.

sisters guild
 Dolls House Desk – the ‘Lola’ – for work and play.  Handmade in oak it is both functional and beautiful.
sisters guild
‘Mr Pea’ is a Bench Bed made in oak with a surprise under all the mattresses.