Florence Rolando preparing for trip to Nepal - Humla fund

4 days and counting. Florence departs on humanitarian trip to Nepal – Humla Fund

It's a busy week for Florence in the lead up to the start of her trip to Nepal. She is part of a medical team bringing healthcare to people in remote rural Nepal. I was able to catch her for a quick chat before she heads off to the mountains. So what does her family think of…

Can I take a bit of you with me to Nepal?

It's both scary and exciting to think that I'll soon leave my little family for three weeks, to travel to the Himalaya mountains to help a medical team bring health care to people in remote rural Nepal. 

Iris, 6 years old – London, UK

With a child like Iris at home, we feel we don't need to go to the theatre or to the circus anymore. She's a real entertainer and a comic, and we laugh for a whole evening when she starts a show. But her true passion is drawing and she can spend hours with a pencil in hand. It…

Bye bye 2000-2010, hello to a new decade!

In less than 20 days this decade will be over. It’s been a particularly fast one, and this partly because our notion of time has changed with technological progress and the time wrap qualities of the internet. We live in "real time", something extremely new for human kind, which…

A house full of friends


Poppy duo


Decor for fun

IMG_1840.JPG Elle Decoration, September 2010 - Photo…

StyleSight Interview

photo.PNG   Thanks to Khalym Shell for this interview on…