It’s a busy week for Florence in the lead up to the start of her trip to Nepal. She is part of a medical team bringing healthcare to people in remote rural Nepal. I was able to catch her for a quick chat before she heads off to the mountains. So what does her family think of Florence undertaking this adventure, and what five essential items is she taking with her, let’s find out…

So when do you leave Florence? Friday Sept 15. Just the day after my daughters are back to a new school.

5 essential items packed in your rucksack? A flat flask with integrated water filter, band-aids, inflatable pillow, list of people who donated for this humanitarian trip (to thank them mentally along the way), little presents for children, temporary tattoos donated by Tattyo and hair clips donated by Atsuyo et Akiko. We are limited to 15 kg so I am only taking the essential.

What’s your schedule? I will meet the medical team in Kathmandu at arrival. There are 20 volunteers like me in total. We’ll have training and meditation session in monasteries. Then we’ll have two plane trips to reach Simikot (2900m alt) and from there we’ll do daily treks to little villages higher up in the mountains. We will set up the clinic at each one and sleep in tents.

One thing you can’t wait for? Meeting the shamans and spending a whole day with them. They’ll share stories about their ancient healing techniques and they’ll show us some of the local plants they use in their medical practice.

One thing you are quite happy to delay? I am excited about every minute of the adventure.

Can we follow you on your adventures? If so how? I’ll try to post on IG and FB when back to Kathmandu. In the Himalayas, there will be no electricity and no internet.

What’s the main purpose of the trip? Humla Fund is an organisation that brings health care to Humla, one of the poorest regions of Nepal. They are also building a small permanent clinic in Simikot, which is the main town.

One personal achievement you are hoping to gain on the trip? Being part of a medical team to help people in such conditions is really new for me. I hope to gain more compassion, as well as a bit of experience in working with very limited resources.

What do your family think of you undertaking this adventure? My husband pushed me to realise this. It was a dream and he made it become true by putting me on the Humla Fund list. My children are proud of me I think, but they are also happy to spend 3 weeks with their dad and grandma who will fly from Washington DC to help. It will be lots of fun, pizzas, meatballs, mashed potatoes, pancakes…

Do you have a message to your supporters? I want to thank them for their, generosity. I was so surprised to receive so many encouraging messages, and to be able to raise all the money needed to participate on the trip. I feel fully supported and it is moving to witness so much compassion.

This week butterflies in the tummy or big grins? The butterflies have flown away, only grins now!

If you want to find out more about the Humla fund click here, also find out how Florence raised the funds here. 

Best of Luck with your adventure Florence! xx


Humla Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the Bon culture and traditions in the Humla region of Nepal through access to quality education, healthcare and sustainable economic development.