Parent & Child Interview: India (4), Reef (2) & Mom Photographer Karen Holt

Parent & Child interview Karen is a fantastic photographer using natural light her work with families capture a very real, but beautiful look into the moment. The family lives in a remote part of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. We kick start the Parent & Child interviews…

Mother & child interview : Gabriel & Alessandra - Velveteen

Parent & Child: Alessandra (6yrs) & Gabriel (4yrs) – Laura Egloff, Velveteen

Gabriel (4 years old) and Alessandra (6 years old) live with their parents in Hong Kong. Laura Egloff their mother is a fashion designer and the founder of children's fashion label Velveteen. Alessandra and Gabriel have a close relationship and complement each other quite well.…


.Brand name ZOLIMA - Name of the company Zolima limited Date of creation  Spring 2009 Country of origin French in Hong Kong - Country of production Asia Name of the founder Nicole Andrianjaka de Surville