A day in Brussels

Picks of the week (n.4)


Capucine, 4.5 years old – Nice, France

Capucine is a sweet girl with lots of humour. Being the youngest (she has an older brother and sister), she's the little dearie of the family. Muriel her mother, a former engineer, is the founder ofwww.lepingouindelespace.com as well as a blogger unetouchede.canalblog.com

Ophelia Summerscales, 4 years old – Paris, France

Ophelia is very girly. She loves dressing up as a princess and borrowing mummy’s lipstick and nail varnish. Her favorite music is Blur. She loves drawing, making collages from any bits of paper, magazine she can find in the house. Julie Marabelle her mother is the designer and…