Ophelia is very girly. She loves dressing up as a princess and borrowing mummy’s lipstick and nail varnish. Her favorite music is Blur. She loves drawing, making collages from any bits of paper, magazine she can find in the house. Julie Marabelle her mother is the designer and founder of www.famillesummerbelle.com. There are delicious pictures of her and her brother Lucien on Julie’s lovely blogfamillesummerbelle.


What do you want to be when you grow up I want to be a mummy with long hair

What is your favorite famous person Cinderella and Lola (from Charlie and Lola)

What makes you laugh When I tickle my little brother Lucien

What makes you angry I was very angry when mummy wrote a phone number on the back of my drawing

Your favorite book Angelina Ballerina

Your favorite films Mary Poppins

Your favorite animal Kangaroos

The best holidays you ever had The summer holiday with my cousins in the south of France. I loved playing with Barbies and dressing up with my cousin Talia

A place that you would dream to visit Fiji; I’ve been there but everytime I see the pictures I want to go back

Who chooses your clothes in the morning Me!

Your favorite color Pink and purple

Your favorite outfit My Hello Kitty dress

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe My dressing up red dress


Your favorite children’s brands Petit Pan, Nume, April Showers, Apolline à Paris, Monoprix (for Children’s clothes!) And many more…

Your favorite children’s stores Kiddy Land in Tokyo, Bonpoint Paris, Daunt Books in Marylebone High St London

Do you buy a lot online for your children I buy books and toys online and sometimes clothes. My favorite e-stores are Etsy for hand made stuff. My latest purchase was felt letters from MiChiMa. For books, cards and stationary I like to shop at Present and Correct and Amazon. Print and Pattern has a very good book selection on Amazon. I also like to check the blog Book by its Cover for inspiration. For toys I like to shop at Madame la Marchande, Little Circus, Kidsonroof, Momoll.

A website that inspires you I’m inspired by simple websites that are easy to navigate. But much more important than that, I’m inspired by the best design blogs, where you find out so much more about people and their inspirations. My favorites right now include: Bozaround (because I love traveling and Vanessa gives us ideas for the next places to visit with our children), Bloesem Kids (Updated daily with lots of wonderful designs), Kris’s Colour Stripes (She has such an amazing eye for picking the right colours)

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children I like long lasting items. I pay attention to the material and patterns and if it’s environmentally friendly it’s a bonus

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe A t-shirt from Polarn O. Pyret for Lucien. I love this Swedish brand for children

Most precious item you bought for your child The precious items I keep for my children are mostly presents made for them and hand made things given by friends and family. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be precious for me

Items that are hard to find Good shoes that aren’t too expensive…!

Favorite pieces in Ophelia’s wardrobe Hand made jumpers and hat by their Grandma

The book on your bedside table The biography of Nelson Mandela and lots of magazines

Where are you going for the summer holidays Hopefully to San Francisco to visit my brother and we go every year to our family home in the South West of France


Petit Pan, Nume, April Showers, Apolline à Paris, Monoprix, Kiddy Land, Bonpoint, Polarn O. Pyret, Madame la Marchande, Little Circus, Kidsonroof, Momoll