Florence Rolando formidable family

Formidable Family Rolando: Florence Rolando

Member of formidable family Rolando, Florence Rolando founder of our very own Pirouette blog talks to Katie about family life in Porto. read on.

Pirouette in Rio

From the sleek boutiques of Ipanema to the colourful flea markets - then back to the heights of Santa Teresa...

Alejandro & Gonzalo, 8 years old – Vigo, Spain

Alejandro and Gonzalo  are 8 years old twins. Both love football, but they are very different : Alejandro very fidgety and happy, Gonzalo a very sweet and sensitive. Silvia their mother contributes to menudamoda, a blog created by her sister Carmen.

Carmen, 8 years old – Vigo, Spain

Sonia Alonsodescribes her daughter Carmen as "a girl who loves to sew & to draw, who is also very friendly & responsible with homework". We all want kids like that! While carmen is drawing and sewing, Sonia can focus on her well documented website  about kid's fashion,…

Delicious dresses, cool tees

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Kids in the streets : Kitulgala, Sri Lanka

I took these three pictures in the same spot, in the deep countryside of  South Sri Lanka. I first saw the girl on the store front with her 70's dress, matching the colourful products and advertisement of the background. Just opposite the store, another girl was staring, proud…

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Steel swing, like a sculpture

151840swing.jpg   This "mild steel with wax…

Color me crazy

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