Georges, 20 months – New York, USA

Georges has three passions, cars, especially Taxis ; nature (animals and flowers) and all kind of books. "He is a very happy, tempered and funny little boy, a real clown says" his mother Pauline Lévêque, a journalist ( -

Mia Hagman, 4 and half years old – London, UK

Hello to little angel-faced Mia (I like your fantasy!) and mother Julie Hamon, interior designer for children and co-founder of boutique BoboKidsin London.

Carla, 12 years old – Besancon, France

Where do you live? I live in Besancon (East of France), in a house by the river, just outside the city center. But I spend a lot of time in Paris where we have a flat. I also spent a year in Rome, when I was little. I can still speak Italian Your passions in life? My friends,…

Capucine, 4.5 years old – Nice, France

Capucine is a sweet girl with lots of humour. Being the youngest (she has an older brother and sister), she's the little dearie of the family. Muriel her mother, a former engineer, is the founder as well as a blogger

Theophane, 7 years old – Brussels, Belgium

Theophane loves elephants; something that you could have guessed by only looking at his lovely bedroom. He also deeply loves his mother, Albane de Sigy-Cromback, a children's furniture designer from Paris, who moved to Belgium 5 years ago. Her line Madaket is available online…

Interview with Marlene Pellicci, founder of Calesta, Paris

m&c2.jpg In 2004 Marlene Pellicci…

Scherazade Touhami, 7 ans & Adam Touhami, 5 ans – Brooklyn, USA

L1030223.jpg     Not sure if Scherazade and…