Brand name : CHAKRA / Company name : Chakra Design Studio LLC

Date of creation : July 2010

Country of origin : USA / Country of production : INDIA

Name of founders: Bindu Kasinadhuni and (Sara Hignite)

Number of employees : 6

Number of sales points N/A

3 stores that are loyal to you : Little Bean, Dallas – Small things after all, New Jersey – PFR Designs, Canada –, Japan

Own e-store ?, open in September 2010

Company statement or tag line : Clothe your soul.

What makes the brand stand out? : Hand block printed, vegetable dyed, 100% cotton fabrics.

A quote from a client or journalist? : “Now they’re passing on a piece of history and an appreciation for the Earth onto a new generation for years to come.” NBC 5,

How many pieces per collection : about 15 styles

Main materials used : 100% cotton and hand spun, hand woven cotton fabrics

Your trade show planning for next season? Playtime NYC  2012 was the first show, we had attended to venture into the Fall Market. We would like to attend the Playtime Paris show next to show our summer collection.

Plans for the future We would like to find stores that can showcase our collection in Italy and France, where our product is much more popular. Also, to be in stores like ABC Home and carpet, Anthropologie as well as lovely boutiques in NYC.