Today to celebrate Easter I wore a super cute rabbit necklace by Mathilde de Turckheim, It lives in my drawers since 5 years, and it still gets a lot of attention every time it gets on my neck. The dolls and rabbit dolls that Mathilde creates are all unique and handmade by women in Sri Lanka. The dresses and outfits are a mix of Indian or vintage fabrics, lace, printed silk mousseline, indian taffetas which gives them a silky, rich and sophisticated look.

“I recently discovered a great Patisserie in my neighborhood; its cakes, macarons, meringues are a delight but actually my number one discovery was the china lucky charms in shape of handbags in the ‘Galette des Rois’. I fell in love with them and bought the whole collection of handbags for the dolls & rabbits”, explains Mathilde.

She loves that type of discoveries, of treasures found in a place you wouldn’t even think of at first, and she knows perfectly how use them for unexpected purposes. She enjoys very much giving a new life to old things. “Things that belong to the past are precious to me in the way they reflect history, roots, values. I also have a passion for miniatures in general, anything that is made in mini mini scale”.

Mathilde can also produces series of identical pieces, on demand.

Here’s a list of stores that display Mathilde’s creations :

605 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014
Clic Gallery
255 Centre St,
New York, NY USA 10013
T. +1 212 966 2766
Les Petits Chapelais
146 Sullivan Street
New York, NY USA 10012
T. +1 212 625 1023
Boucle d’Or
12 rue du Tabelion
Bruxelles, Belgique
T. +32 486 55 70 17