During the first few months, carrying your baby close to your heart is the best way to cozy up with your newborn while giving you the freedom to take on your daily life. Solly Baby wraps know how to make  “baby wearing“ look good.
At Solly baby, they believe that “taking on the role of mother or father does not replace you as an individual, it simply adds to it.” They want their carrier to reflect your personal aesthetic and with their various colors and their sober design, it totally allows you to shine. Their pretty, lightweight and highly functional wrap carrier will allow you to carry your baby in the best and most stylish way possible. The wraps are incredibly comfortable, easy to use, come in super soft materials and a variety of great (fashionable) colors. They are made with an organic cotton/polly blend easy to mold around your baby and hold him snuggly. They also fold nicely and tuck perfectly right into a little pouch on the end of the wrap (which is super convenient).

Solly baby is a family business created by a mother of 3. It was born in 2011 in the sewing nook of a little house in Salt Lake City right after Elle Rowley, the designer and founder, had her second child, Solomon (hence the name Solly Baby). Encouraged by friends that she was on to something and with the help of a small loan from her in-laws for the fabric, she turned her home into a factory. She pushed all of the tables and chairs aside and rolled bolts of fabric back and forth over a taped pattern on the ground. She worked every time her babies were sleeping, and started a shop on Etsy. Today, Solly baby is not so small anymore. The wraps are worn by thousands of parents and celebrities around the globe and have won numerous awards. Their success is really one of those American dream stories that are so nice to read and make you happy. Good things can happen to good people.

All carriers are made in California where they work with a small manufacturer in order to still be able to oversee closely the production. They are proud that their business is able to support American factories, fabric mills, dye houses, and printers. They feel that they are able to offer a customized, superior product because of how closely linked they are with the process and their customers.

Good to know too, $10 of every Burnt Sienna wrap sold last holiday season went to their partner charity Every Mother Counts. They are definitely paying it forward.

Solly baby