I like baby brands that are poetic and leave fantasy open-ended in a style conscious way. I also like soft pale colors for nurseries in order to create an instantly soothing atmosphere. Because, well, when you have a newborn and when you are going to spend a lot of time in his/her room it is exactly what you need: a place that will give you and your baby some calm and will engage your imagination. Garbo and Friends offers just that in the most sophisticated way.
From dreamy crib bumpers that will make any nursery look amazing to heavenly soft blankets, or whimsical duvet sets or even super cute anti-collic bottles, Garbo and friends is another perfect combination of simple design, exquisite color palette and amazing nature inspired patterns that make Scandinavian brands stand out. It is one of those brands that I admire for it’s finesse and uniqueness.

Produced sustainably and with organic materials, you will want to hold on to these products. Only premium fabrics are chosen and with bedding made from 100% ecological cotton percale, there is no doubt your child will fall in the arms of Morpheus every time you put him or her to bed.

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