New and exciting : La Loi is a childrenswear collection created by Art Director Kate Law. In October last year La Loi (pronounce it the French way) debuted as an exclusive capsule collection of digitally printed unisex leggings for Liberty. The type of products that you can’t pass by without noticing, without going back with a “wow”, to take a closer look, to touch  and, if you’re like me, to buy.  La Loi has now launched in full for Spring/Summer 2013 and it is available for age 4 to 8 at Liberty, Alex and Alexa, Harrods and Selfridges.

Mother of two,  with keen fashion eye, Kate Law recognised a gap in the market. “My boys used to attend a circus school at weekends and I would send them in crazy coloured and garish patterned leggings – normally reserved for girls – when they were young enough not to argue! In winter they would wear them under ripped jeans or under football shorts and in summer, under shorts or with a pair of wellies on rainy days. But I was frustrated that colours and patterns were predominantly girly. I wanted an accessible and universal unisex staple brand with an edge that didn’t patronise children’s taste. I have tried achieve in this first collection.”

Kate Law  has a strong background in editorial design with a 13-year relationship with i-D and recent work for British Vogue and Elle. This rich experience has given her access to a pool of resources to draw upon and future collections will integrate collaborations with ilustrators, fine artists, photographers and typographers.

La Loi’s print work is quite remarkable, with a continuity on front and back of all designs. The fabric is specifically sourced to give the optimum base for the ink to key, avoiding cracking or fading on areas exposed to most wear and flexing. Design, printing and manufacturing is all made in England. Wow, isn’t it?










Photography by; styling by Rebecca Seagere.