New (and exciting – again!), The Loop is a  quarterly magazine for children aged 9—13, that engages its readers in contemporary global and local issues in an approachable manner. We received the first issue a  few months ago and read it “en famille” from beginning to end; we can’t wait to get the next one. It is fun, informative, inspiring, teaching children to be critical and to think in a creative way.

What’s inside? “Extraordinary tales on everything from tongue-shredding mutant tomatoes to dogs in space, as well as a ‘who’s who?’ of mythical characters and a sideways look at an alternative world where boys wear skirts”.  The readers are also invited to participate in hands-on arts and crafts activities.

My 8 year old particularly loved the “Edible Masks” photographs by Damien Poulain. She cut images from the magazine to decorate her room (with parental blessing ;-))

We like to think of The Loop as a magazine that thinks it’s a newspaper, and to that end we have printed it like a newspaper; one that looks attractive and functional, fun and informative, in equal measure” comment the founders Claudia Boldt and Eleanor Meredith.


The Loop is published quarterly by Bolt Editions, a printing and publishing house founded by Claudia Boldt & Eleanor Meredith in 2011. To stock The Loop, contact Central Books: Tel: +44 (0)845 458 9925