Launched about three years ago, Littl by Lilit is a beautiful children’s available in the best stores around the globe. Meet the young lady behind this label. Her mixed origins and the travels she did as a child surely formatted what she currently does, how and where she lives. 

She has a name as long as train : Aisha Lilit Jacobina Teresa Patji Djanga Razal Borkowsky. But you can call her Lilit. She was born in Berlin, she lived partly in Rome because her mother, who is Afghani, decided to change life for a while to learn a new language and a new culture.  When she was nine, her mum also took her and her little brother Luca to India for a three months trip. “I remember I was dazzled by it. The colours, the textures, the way the people were dressed. The experience must have made an impression on me because when I decided to create a kidswear line, I knew where I  had to do it”. Lilit has been living between India and Berlin ever since.

Before launching herself into this adventure, Lilit studied communication design in London and went on to work in branding and graphics in Berlin. Her collection mixes influences :  German minimalism, Indian decorative arts, bold graphic patterns with the subtlest of hand-worked details. The results is a collection  with a distinctive look and feel, that appeals across borders, cultures and generations.

Littl by Lilit is about creating simple, comfortable, quietly cool clothing and accessories for kids, but also for their mums and even their dads. All garments and accessories are crafted by hand at Fair Trade production facilities. Lilit is really hands on, standing by her Indian producers, trying new ideas on the spot and, rolling up her sleeves to do some block-printing herself when needed.

What’s the best about designing and managing a children’s line? “Having the freedom of deciding when I want to work and being in India during the European winter period” says Lilit. Her next step with the brand is to open an an online shop for the jewellery.

Lilit’s favourite spots to eat in Berlin are Kuchi on Kantstrasse for lunch, Schlesisch Blau (Koepenicker Strasse ) for dinner and Preußenpark for thai street food in Wilmersdorf. In Rome : Da Tonino (Via del Governo Vecchio) and Da Augusto (Piazza de Renzi) for typical Roman food.

Littl by Lilit  is avalable in a long list of great stores, including in Europe : Der Kleine Salon Vienna, Mercredi Brussels, Smallable, I Dream Elephants Kidsen London – in Asia : Baby Bubble Seoul – in the US :  Thumbeline, Barneys New York, Erica Tanov New York,  Lucky Wang 2  New York, Sweet William online, Brooklyn and New York,  Yoya New York, Nonchalant Mom.