Brand name : max & lola

Company name : max & lola sprl

Website :

Date of creation : 1987

Country of origin : Belgium

Countries of production : Europe / Portugal / Poland / Romania / + 1 Madagascar

Name of owner/founder : Kaatje Sandra.  “A happy childhood in a 5 children family, a father architect and painter, teenager during last years of the 70’s. Once her degree in Indoors designer, Kaatje Sandra wanted to break up the monotone codes of children clothing and create real fashion for them!”.

Number of employees : 2

Number of sales points : 25-30, including  De Groene Wolk (Antwerp), Basile (Nieuwpoort),  Les Petits Chapelais (New York).

Own brick and Mortar : Yes, multibrand store kat & muis in Brussels

In how many countries is the brand present : 7 countries

Own e-store : no

Brand philosophy :  “Kids will be teens”. This conceptual sentence accurately reveals the intention of Kaatje Sandra, the designer. Each piece of clothing Max & Lola appears as a contemporary happening of art of a subtle and thoughtful projection of an idea of a spontaneous and unique mini concept imagined by Kaatje.

Product categories : Children’s clothing, total look

How many pieces per collection : +-350 pieces

Main materials used : Natural + mix materials

Your trade show planning for next season : Playtime Paris

Plans for the future : New  kat en muis store (1/08/13)

Name of the photographer for the images sent : Christoph Gilbert


Max & Lola

Max & Lola

Max & Lola

Max & Lola

Max & Lola

Max & Lola

Max & Lola

Max & Lola