Under the brand Little Name Design, Alexis G. Mcvicker creates interactive objects fuelled with poetry and nostalgia, for the child in all of us. With this first collection, Alexis intents to (take a big breathe before reading!) “interact and  gather and count out sticks and stones or pennies and dimes as player’s pieces for the checkers game scarf or packing and unfolding the wooden lunch pail for a school lunch or field trip picnic!”. The phrase is long, bu Little Name’s products are small and easily assessable to incorporate into a living space and a child’s world.  Objects that have a little life of their own.

Alexis worked as a print designer for companies such as Anthropologie,Urban Outfitters, Nike, Osh Kosh b’gosh. She taught fashion design to students at Philadelphia University, and she lived in New York, Philadelphia, Portland Oregon before moving to New Jersey. Alexis likes little things, when these things go beyond their physicality. When an idea transcends it’s material and grows into an interaction and a little nostalgic life of its own.

Speaking with Alexis G. Mcvicker and getting to meet her universe, you can feel that Little Name Design is only at the very beginning of a long story.