Playtime New York was the occasion to check the new collection of Mademoiselle à Soho, a young brand combining French design, American comfort and Romanian craft. In a post I wrote in October 2011, Alexana the founder talks about her young years in Romania where she grew up in a family of artists, and how much her mother, actress for the Romanian television and theatre, influences her creations.

This season, Alexana went a step further into the family  heritage and memories, asking her sister to travel to Bucharest (where MàS is produced) with photographer Geraldine Aresteanu, to work on the photshoot of the collection with Romanian kids, in the theatre that her mother now owns and runs. Back to the roots…through the velvet curtain!

MàS  is available at The red balloon (Chicago), Les petits Chapelais (NY), ABC Home (NY), Allegria (Brooklyn), Max + mouse (Brooklyn, opening soon), Garage Chic (Brooklyn), kidO store (Australia), Babbybubble (Korea), Fiddlestick (San Francisco), Kidzplaza (Bucharest).