Scottish brand LULUZULU will be showing at Playtime Paris this week end and we can’t wait to visit them. Their  children and home collection reveals love of mischievous imagination and good-natured adventure.

Founders of the brand, Richard and Katie met in Paris, where Richard (who studied fine Art at the Ecole Nationale superieure des Beaux Arts), had a digital agency with clients such as Gucci, Chloe, Swarovski.  Katie was studying law at Glasgow Uni when they met, and Richard moved to Glasgow. Not the obvious way round! They now live in the very rural Scottish borders near the beach, with their 2 girls Lulu (6) and Hattie (soon to be 3).
LULUZULU who was launched only a year ago, has raised lots of buzz with their designs that engage the child and appeal to conscientious parents. The products are intended to be stylish in looks, whilst responsible in manufacturing and materials.

Soft fabrics, great usage of colour, beautiful Italian merino wool…there is definitely love of luxury and attention to detail behind the playful aspect.

Richard and Katie work closely together on all aspects of the business, but especially on designing their items. Both love the idea of introducing ‘dualabilty’ (a word they made up) to the final product – so the Tidytub storage bags also have the game element; the hats they can be pulled down as masks; the baby tights can be worn as part of an outfit, or on their own, whilst the packaging can be reused as a nappy/ wipe purse. Similarly the new loungewear collection combines the sophistication of outside wear with the relaxed comfort of clothes to lounge about in.

Playtime Paris, Parc Floral de Paris, Stand H13 (Saturday January 31 – Monday Feb 2nd).