Mademoiselle a Soho is a children’s label created by Alexana Bussenault and produced in Bucharest, in a family owned sewing shop. Born in Romania, Alexana lived in Paris before the whole family (her, her husband and their two boys) moved to New York  in 2008.

“As a child, I grew up in a family of artists. Back in these days, my mother was an actress for the Romanian television and theather scene. My father was a director. Every other day, my house would become some backstage place for Marry Poppins or Snow White wonder worlds. I was raised in a place full of imagination, costumes, decoration and fairy tales. I’ve never cut those bonds and every piece I create is somehow inspired by my background.
My two grand-mothers were French, and handmade clothes for me and my sister. I would always sit with them, watch them create these apparels, wishing one day I could do as well as they did. I actually did try, using my mother’s curtains or my father’s shirts – no kidding.”

Although Mademoiselle a Soho is a relatively new label, one can consider that it was actually created in 2000. More exactly when Alexana moved to France with her French husband, left her marketing job, completed a full course on clothing design and started a children’s line that she named Thais & Tibere. When she moved to the US, she felt it was time to start a new story, that would combine French design, American comfort and Romanian craft. Mademoiselle a Soho was born.

Producing the line in Bucharest (Mademoiselle à Soho is the main customer of the family workshop) allows Alexana feel proud to contribute to the continuation of the crafting legacy in Romania and help the workers to preserve a decent life in difficult times

Nostalgic and romantic, Mademoiselle a Paris is targeted to parents who love noble materials and singularity, as well as the discreet and elegant details a la francaise.

Available at Les petits Chapelais…and soon online.