Heidi Schaefer of  Nesta’s Nest grew up in Stockholm with her German parents. She studied Architecture and Interior design in London and then spent 10 years in New York working in architecture and fashion. While pregnant with her son, she kept looking for a bassinet that would work in the railroad apartment she was living in at the time; something that would also be made of a natural material. Over Christmas, and a few weeks before her son was born, Heidi made a nest with the help of her Dad, in his workshop. That was over Christmas, and when Nesta was born, he seemed so happy, sleeping soundly in it. The nest is still in Nesta’s room today, with legos and toys in it.

In 2009 when she moved to Berlin, Heidi picked up on the bassinet idea again, optimized the design and started her company. Nesta’s Nest launched just a few month ago the response has been very positive.

Nesta’s Nest is a handcrafted Moses basket in 100% untreated wool felt with a light beech wood base. The innate qualities of pure wool rovide a natural and safe environment for newborn children. Once outgrown, it elegantly converts into a place to hold toys and games as well as becoming a favored vehicle for imaginary play in the nursery. Available in natural grey felt color with orange, light blue, rose or ivory stitching with an optional coconut fiber core mattress. For infants from 0 – 9 months.

Visitor nestasnest.com for more information, or to order your basket.