Max  particularly loves building up 4 yogurt-packs castles at supermarkets confesses his mother Carol, Product Designer at


What’s the best thing in life according to you? Eating omelettes while playing with trains

What is your big dream? Keep playing with trains while eating omelettes

What do you want to be when you grow up? I’m 3, can I wait until I’m 5…? Not sure yet…

The person that you completely admire? Any 5 years old girl at park, they are so big and interesting

Are you scared of anything? Cold sea water, its so cold

When was the last time you laughed Now, and now, and now, and now…(for any reason!)

When was the last time you cried  When I cry I have my reasons, sure! Too less biscuits for instance

What are your favourite films, books and apps  I’m stuck with BeeMovie right now. And reading a novel called “Noisy vehicles” at the moment. Oops! And the Barbapapas, of course

Something you did recently that you really loved Pretending I drive my dad’s car

The best holidays you ever had I love Asturias, northern Spain, I eat omelettes, my cousin have thousands of cars, I go late to bed, can not be better!

A place that you would dream to visit The city where the bee at film lives, I think they call it Central Park

Your favorite belonging The teddy sheep I hug when I’m crying…it’s called “Pi”

The next item you would so dearly love to get  Mmmmm…more trains and a tram as well, but the green one at the shop, not the red

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it right now? Stopping my dad saying that I can not eat omelette everyday. Oh! And being 5 years old right now



A place you saw when you were a child, and that made its mark on you The old Montjuïc amusement park in Barcelona, I love to be surrounded by “giants and big-heads”, mirrors lounges, the scary castle with old fashioned disguised characters…Love it!

The place you love near your home Maybe Kibuka Japanese maki restaurant at my neighborhood Gràcia…

Where do you dream to go for your next family holiday An all-around Japan tour

A film that you saw recently and that staid with you Midnigth in Paris. I love almost all the Woody Allen films; but the worst he made was the one based on Barcelone, my city!

A cultural event that you saw recently and that staid with you A book presentation from Isabel Clara Simó, a novel about a Chinese girl

The film that you love to see with the whole family Yes…BeeMovie, the one Max loves…what can we do…

The children’s brands your cherish I like Flamingos & Dominoes, Atsuyo et Akiko…

The children’s stores you love to visit and buy from We like Lotta shop in Barcelona and we would love to have the time to discover some more Scandinavian vintage shops…

The last thing you bought for your child and the favourite pieces in Max’ wardrobe  Some cool knitted navy leggings, we love retro style striped tshirts

What you buy online We love, with his vintage objects

A website that inspires you  We like a lot the taste of and a very special one:

Your main current concerns  Socially, the difficult moments at our country, personally, trying to keep Max growing as happy as so far

Your big dream Travelling around the world!

Something that made you laugh out loudly recently The dancing style of my partner David (work and life…) and how Max is mimicking him!