The Fall-Winter 14  collection by Paade Mode is called “Below the Snow”. It is Inspired by the many stories hidden beneath the snow and the tale of grass waiting to rise again and sprout at the first signs of warmth. A play between pines, bushes and trees mixed with wintery whites and soft grays, complemented by tones of greens and blues, with pops of wine red and orange. Inspiring!

“Below the Snow”, continues the Paade Mode tradition, as the products included in this collection carry  the “long-lasting” or “legacy” feature of clothes. The materials used are natural and of exquisite quality, the knits have been produced from Merino wool, Royal alpaca and cashmere and Linda Raituma Paade founder and designer has included dresses, tunics and shirts, coats, parkas, sweaters and pants.

Fine and tender flower patterns, accentuated checkered lines flow together with delicately embroidered rowan branches designed by artist Edite Kirse. The collection is enriched with a line of recycled leather and cloth accessories such as bags, belts, necklaces, bracelets and hairbands.

Photo story of the collection : created at Kidsgazette studio in Riga, Latvia. Photographer Aiga Rēdmane – stylist Santa Bindemane Mihelsone.