Brand name :  bieq  – Website :

Date of creation : 01 jun 2004

Country of origin : Netherlands

Country of production :  Peru own bieq group of handknitters

Name of owner/founder : Angélique Roelofsen

Number of employees : 1

Number of sales points : 39 – including Humanoid-Netherlands, Flora & Henri-USA, Kinu & Kotta –Japan (for aw2014/15, on its way!)

In how many countries is the brand present : 9

Own e-store :  yes, launched 2010

Own store : no

Company statement or tag line : keep the handicraft alive !

What makes the brand unique / stand out : handknitted / real honest story / visit bieq knitters in Peru regulary

Product categories : clothing  / accessories

How many pieces per collection : approx 30

Main materials used : only merino as breathing / heat regulating / non-tickling material which we love.

The trade shows you attended last season : playtime Paris / little fashion week Brussels

List of agents/distributors : none so far

Plans for the future :  expanding the company by also using handknit machines and/or local baby alpaca material / agents / scarves for mums / bieq book with former collection patters / too much ! end of November I planned weekend to think and decide

Name of the photographer for the images sent : / owner anya van de wetering