Launched by Svetlana Ziggel and Galina Plakinger, Plakinger started with bespoke atelier designs for luxury clients from Russia, Middle East and USA before turning into a proper international label. Their dresses bring together feminine classics and elements of traditional men’s tailoring.

Svetlana and Galina, mother and daughter, both Russian, launched together into the Plakinger adventure. The brand has been raising a lot of interest among the luxury clientele because of its use of the same fabric suppliers as Dior, Chanel or Burberry. The quality is consequently amazing and all the clothes are all handmade  in Germany, produced in limited quantities.

The girl’s fall winter collection draws it inspiration by a playful Marie-Antoinette living in the 21st century, and SS16 is colourful and elegant without being pretentious. Retailers include Maison Bo-M in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and in all the concept stores owned and managed by the Chaumont luxury group in China. Next month the brand will open its own first store in China, selling the women and children’s collections.