Hallie Burton launched SMOKKS just a year ago.  A successful photographer, she was travelling a lot for her job, leaving her husband George alone with their young daughter Pompie. The overwhelmed daddy was constantly complaining about zips, buttons and the hassle he had to get his daughter dressed; so he started to beg his wife for something simple, easy-wear/easy-care.

“Our daughter was honestly looking like no one owned her!” says Hallie. “I did not want to be unfair to my husband so when one day again he asked me to give him clothes that he could handle, I decided to act”.  Modern smokks is what would work, she thought, so that Pompie’s hair would not get caught in zips and start the day crying, and her husband would have a simple life. She would add pockets for functionality, and use Liberty because they hide so much mess that her husband wouldn’t have to wash them daily. Liberty…also for style because Hallie likes things that look really good.
Without losing a minute, Hallie called a friend working for Oscar De la Renta, and asked for help. He was able to put her in touch with a pattern maker that had just left the company, adding that the simple idea needed to be a whole line! It kind of all happened from there. A production manager joined, also an ex Oscar de la Renta, both providing a super good quality level to the products. A basic Jersey line, also in Liberty print, was added to the collection to mix and match and create fun combinations.
This is how SMOKKS, a family business, started. Hallie’s photographic work (hallieburton.com) being kind of kids/home focused, she  felt like a natural progression in launching a kids label. George, a Canadian who is also a contractor (Hallie is Australian), has been very involved in the development of the brand.
SMOKKS offers a beautiful lifestyle, very low key and easy that will be on display at Playtime New York in August.