Brand name : Wolf & Rita ,

Company name : IC MEFRI, Lda

Date of creation : 2013

Country of origin + production : Portugal

Name of the founders : Claudia Rocha and Sonia Rocha

Number of employees : 3

Number of sales points : 109 (AW15), including Ladida (USA), BabyBubble (Korea) CissyWears (UK), KidoStore (Australia).

The brand is present in :  21 countries (SS15)

Own e-store  : yes, created in 2013

Own store : No

Company statement : Buy local, produce local and sell internationally.

What makes the brand  stand out : The quality and excellence of detail in our products, with an original approach to design and branding.

A quote from a client or journalist : “It’s all about the details.
Their sense for great style.
Minimalistic forms becoming great
with their choice of fabrics.
It’s sophisticated with a classical twist
and yet very contemporary in style.
The finest fabrics are always locally outsourced.
So the tag 100% made in Portugal is their proof of quality
and their support to the local community. Beautiful.” or “ If La Paz is my favorite portuguese clothing brand for adults, Wolf & Rita is their equivalent for kids. Adopting traditional production techniques, the portuguese brand presents a beautiful collection for boys and girls, appealing to parents who want to choose a piece for the children as if it were for them. Combining simplicity, timeless design and quality fabrics, the Wolf & Rita is inspired by the past to create stylish pieces for today. The excellent use of color, the fun patterns (without being too childish), the magnificent cut and great attention to detail, make the shirts, skirts and dresses from Wild & Wolf irresistible pieces for little ones!” Ramos Alvaro,

Product categories : Clothing, shirts, dresses

Number of pieces per collection : 25 references, 60 different pieces

Main materials used : 100% cotton

Your trade show planning for next season :  Playtime Paris,  Ciff Kids Copenhagen, Loop Japan

List of agents/distributors : Mayras Collections Inc USA, Mimba Japan, The Nordic Edition Scandinavia, Espace 9 South Korea.

Plans for the future : Increase the number of styles and accessories and possibly a baby collection.

Name of the photographer : Carlos Lobo