How is it to launch a collection at Playtime Paris? What to expect, how much does it cost, what is the biggest challenge? Young brand Piupiuchick from Portugal answers our questions, providing precious information to potential new exhibitors.

– In just a few words, how did your first Playtime Paris show go?

It went very well. Starting with the preparatory phase, with all the staff from Playtime being very helpful in attending to our requests/doubts, the travelling and all the experience of being there for the first time.

– How was the reaction from the press and buyers?

We are very happy that we were so well accepted by the press and by the buyers. If we could point one good surprise, Marie Claire Enfant team came to meet us on the 1st day to give us congratulations for the booth and for the collection and asking for an item of our collection to exhibit at their booth as a featured item of the show.

Regarding buyers, we had very good experiences as well. Some were actually looking for us specifically, as they knew the brand from the social networks before. We couldn’t imagine the geographic extent of our social networks and how good they are helping our expansion.

– In terms of business, did meet your expectations?

Yes! We overcame our best expectations for a 1st time presence.

– What kind of budget is required to come to the show ?

Excluding the direct participation fee for Playtime and the cost with the collection itself, our budget was around 3,5K€ for travelling, accommodation, transportation and stand décor.

– Did you have clients from all over the world, or did you attract a more specific geographical area?

Its is very interesting to analyse where our new clients came from. Actually we couldn’t establish a geographic trend, our new clients came in majority from Europe : Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Brussels, and then as far as Kuwait and South Korea.

– What was the biggest challenge with Playtime?

Our biggest challenge was to have our application approved! Since we got approved, everything went very smoothly and we felt very well and accepted during the event itself, by all Playtime team, press and buyers.

– How did the show compare to other ones you did in the past?

We used to do Bubble London and Pitti Bimbo. We expected Playtime to be the best one in terms of results and we were right. We believe it is to due to the target audience of Playtime being more aligned with our target buyers.

An audience that is looking for trendy brands, new ideas, high quality and niche brands, compared to mass market or low-price offers.

– What is the part that you liked the most in participating to the show?

The direct contact with buyers that understand the concept of the brand, that are looking for what we have to offer them!

We also loved to meet personally the people behind so many other brands we love and that were present at the event as well.

– Will you go again next year?

For sure! We are already starting to prepare our presence in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July this year.




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