This group of twelve brands – among the most beautiful and respected names in children’s fashion, have decided to join forces and show at the Hudson Studios, NY from February 12th till 14th.

Atsuyo et Akiko , Bobo Choses, Makie, Goat Milk, Lucky Fish, Jess Brown, Tamar Mogendorff, Wovenplay, Bacabuche, Hansel from Basel, Nico Nico, SOM New York.

The twelve brands decided to go independent for economical reasons. “As small businesses, we need to use our money wisely” comments Tania Vargas of Goat Milk. “We also feel technology has changed so much in the past years that it’s really easy to connect and be discovered online as opposed to wandering through a tradeshow. Going out on our own also allows the retailer to be in a more intimate and relaxing environment. One of the comments we hear over and over again from customers is that they prefer the smaller venue. The larger ones are just so overwhelming and hectic”.

This is resonating with other cities who saw the emergence of small shows like Kid Paris and Dot to Dot London. But the innovative part of this independent show is that it is not profit-driven, each brand pays its quote and plays its role in the organisation. The brands being already well known, they don’t have much promotion to make. Buyers are all happy to meet them in this heaven of light and quiet. It allows everyone to work in a nice atmosphere. Organising things this way represents a true reduction of the costs for the small businesses involved.

The idea of this collective show came from one brand who invited other labels that were a good complement to their line. New York based brands helped source the venue, a beautiful white space overlooking South with lots of blue sky – one can even have a peak of the Statue of Liberty by clear weather.

Jess Brown, Nico Nico, Lucky Fish will have their adult’s lines on display, and the decor products by Tamar Mogendorff, Jess Brown and Bacabuche will add a transversal angle to the show which is not just kidswear focused .

However attractive such a model might be, it is good to note that it is not an obvious one to duplicate or to develop in a larger scale. Brands that are already well established will probably see their existing clients and a few new ones, but smaller/younger brands might not have the same traffic that they would do at larger shows.  It’s the nature of small trade shows to become bigger, which in turn will see smaller organisations appear. It’s normal that brands move in that eternal merry-go-round.


Bobochoses LegendBobo Choses

Children's brands in New York: Jess BrownJess Brown

Children's brands in New York: Goat milkGoat Milk

Children's brands in New York: Jess BrownJess Brown

Children's brands in New York: Atsuyo et AkikoAtsuyo et Akiko


Tamar Mogendorff

Children's brands in New York: Woven playWovenplay

Hansel from Basel

Where ? Hudson Studio (Chelsea area) – 601 West 26th Street – 13th Floor – NYC
When? Sunday, February 12th – 14th – Sunday 11am – 6pm – Monday 10am – 6pm – Tuesday, 10am – 5pm

Playtime New York will also be showing 180 collections at the Metropolitan Pavilion & Altman building, New York, USA
12-14 Feb 2017:  Sunday 9am – 6pm – Monday 9am – 6pm – Tuesday, 9.30am – 3.30pm