NEW! Impress pr studio was launched a few months ago by Danielle Delaloye. The studio aims to promote beautiful and authentic children’s brands, with the idea of working hand in hand with the designers and artists, the real talented souls behind their brands.

What is your background?

I used to be a journalist, working for a lifestyle magazines among other publications. Before I decided to move into PR and launch Impress PR Studio, I was a journalist covering mostly culture and fashion for european press. I have always had a passion for fashion design and the children fashion industry. As I knew how magazines worked and what they needed, I decided to start doing PR. I worked for 2 years as an exclusive agent for Oeuf NYC but I wanted to expand my portfolio and I decided to leave the brand in June 2014 to officially launch Impress PR Studio, my own PR company.  Creating my company, was my dream and I felt the right moment had come to do it.
I worked with the graphic designer Fabio Cutro to create the logo and the brand of Impress PR Studio. I work with talented people and I am able to offer a full PR service including the creation and design of press releases and press kits.

Who are you representing?

Among its clients, the studio is currently representing the exquisite brands Je Suis en CP! (LINK) and Velveteen (LINK). I admire the drive, vision and talent of Céline Prost, the founder of Je Suis CP!, and of Laura Eckerman-Egloff, the founder of Velveteen.
I am a fan of several established brands and I would love to work with them. But for me, the most delightful thing is to discover new brands, new styles and new designers and get them the media attention they deserve. This is exciting.

What is your philosophy?

Be responsive, be persistent and be creative. In PR, you have to know that media exposure is not automatic nor granted, whatever the size or name recognition of the brand. You have to be able to find ways to make the brand you are representing stand out in a crowded field. You have to able to deal with denials and to be ready to come back with a different ideas. You have to care deeply for the brands you are representing to be able to promote them well. And in this business, speed and reliability are key. Editors have to know they can count on you. I also like thinking outside the box and promote the brands on different markets such as Brazil for instance.

Tell us about you and your family…

I was born in Rio de Janeiro. My mother is Brazilian and my father is Swiss. I grew up in Switzerland. I studied there and became a journalist for one of the major press groups there. I moved to New York in 2004. I am the mother of 2 great kids, Léon, 8 years old, and Joséphine, who will turn 5 on December 24. Leon is a very curious boy, who is passionate about paleontology, science, geography and soccer. Joséphine is a little ballerina. She already has strong opinions and loves dressing up. My husband is a documentary filmmaker and reporter, who loves digging stories in Central America.

Favorite author?

Amélie Nothomb. But I recommend the last book of Joel Dicker, The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair.

Favorite dish?

Muqueca – it is a special Brazilian recipe to cook fish and a good Swiss Raclette of course.

Favorite designer for you?

Isabel Marant for me and for the kids, I love Makie Clothier, Bobo Choses, Bonton, Velveteen, Je Suis en CP!, Motoreta and TinyCottons.

Favorite artist?

Eddie Vedder and PJ Harvey. I also like the Pixies and Caetano Veloso, a famous Brazilian songwriter

Favorite place in NYC?

The Rockefeller Iceskating rink at 10 pm.

Places you would like to visit one day?

Japan and Scotland.