Alice Bertay is the founder, editor-in-chief and creative director of Kid-In Magazine. Born in Paris, she became a New Yorker in 1996; she currently lives in Williamsburg with her husband Alan Bibby (a film director from New Zealand) and their 5 year old son Theo. Enjoy NY Mom’s portrait #2, by photographer Zoe Adlersberg!

Best of New York

Any memories of moments or situations you loved with your child ?

I love moments where i bring my child into situations or events that are not specially meant for children, but that give him an idea of who his parents are and what we like.

for example:

Afternoons at MOMA PS1 museum. He saws his first concert at 4 with Patti Smith performing  there. This is why we love New York and I want my child to get the most of this incredible city.

We don’t have a backyard but we try to make sure he gets the most from the food, culture and inspirations here.

Going to Chelsea galleries and having him interact and react to the art around him.

We  went to see exhibition of Kara Walker at the Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg and that was phenomenal. Both her work, and being inside a building that my son has grown up seeing out his window – This has been our neighborhood for a long time.

Favorite stores, restaurants, places etc. for you and your child…secret places? 

Sunsets or breakfast with friends at Marlow and sons. it is really a community here in Williamsburg. I have been leaving here for 12 years and I know Andrew the owner from Marlow and Diner for a long time. It feels like family.

As a family

Your favorite family movie to see again and again 

I love watchingMichel Ocelot’s movies with him. Azur and Asmar, “les Contes de Nuit” He is mostly known for Kirikou. His aesthetic, storytelling and message thru all his movies is really inspiring .

We also love the cartoon “yellow submarine” from the Beatles.

My son is… 

Amazing, intriguing, frustrating, unique and himself

A big dream (or a big plan or a big project…)

Being able to travel as much as possible with my family, discover the world. Opening the mind of my child with culture colors, food and languages.

A big project that I would love to do is co-directing a scifi movie with my fabulous and  talented husband.

La vie en rose…

On the beach on an island in Brazil. In the waves, nobody else around. A boat ride back to the mainland. the light in Mexico in the morning.

The internet to our family is….

A distraction from real life, but useful.

Best album to listen to as a family?

An album we all love still and that our son loves dancing on is Lisztomania from Phoenix. we also  loves Erik Satie.

Theos favorite song is ‘jean petit qui danse’ an old medieval french nursery rhyme that I enjoy listen to also. I like medieval and baroque music.

About you 

Your best mothering moment? 

Seeing my son becoming his own self, with his ideas, desires, doubt and insecurities. I love being able to really look at him and realizing how complex human beings are.

It also allows me to appreciate times, which for me can be hard.

Your worst mothering moment?

Seeing your child sick.

How do you balance motherhood and work?

It’s always a difficult balance but an essential one. I am not sure how successful we can ever be. It is probably easier to just do one thing but you do what you can and its fine.


I love the surrealism esotherism, chimerism. Luis Bunel, Cocteau, Breton, Tim Walker, Serge Lutin, Moebius.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere around me. My friends, the city, art, music…

A taste/small/image from your childhood 

My mother coming home late from work, I would listen to her turning on the water to take her bath. The sound of the water was so calming, pleasant and comforting. Then she would come kiss me smelling so amazing from a Chanel cream she was wearing. Both me and my brother have that same memories we share of her.