Day 2 at Pitti Bimbo 87 includes breakfast at Pucci and and an interview with Laudomia Pucci, Image Director of Pucci, and Mila Zegna Baruffa of Simonetta, followed by catwalk shows: Kidz Fizz and the Apartment, we talk to Maria Julia, stylist for both shows. Plus an interview with Emi Sakuma buyer at Isetan, and the journalist Maria Jose Cayuela of blogmodabebe. Finally we end up at the P.O.P themed party hosted by Pitti Bimbo.

Interview with Maria Jose Cayuela of

Katie talks to the journalist Maria Jose Cayuela about her blog blogmodabebe’s readership, technology, social media and fashion for children and mums.


Kidzfizz catwalk show

Catwalk show at Pitti Bimbo 87 featuring: Alitsa, Bebe Organic, Dinui, Infantium Victoria, Moque, L’orsobruno, Unlabel Kids, Vineetrahul, Zombie Dash.


Apartment catwalk show

Catwalk show featuring: Amelie et Sophie, Little Creative Factory, Nikolia, Pero, Piccola Ludo, RaspberryPlum, Velveteen.

Interview with Emi Sakuma, Isetan

Katie talks with Emi Sakuma, Assistant buyer from Isetan, Tokyo about what she gets up to at Pitti and how she chooses new brands for this iconic retail space.

Pucci breakfast – Interview with Laudomia Pucci and Mila Zegna Baruffa

We talk to Laudomia Pucci, Image Director of Pucci, and Mila Zegna Baruffa about the partnership between Pucci and Simonetta for the SS19 PUCCI children’s wear collection. Pucci website



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