Unduetrestella, Milan, Italy.

Unduetrestella works with design and lifestyle brands related to children and families. In recent years, in Italy, the interest in the space dedicated to kids domestic environments has grown significantly and is increasingly studied.

What is it that attracts you to a brand?
Unduetrestella is interested in all those brands that stimulate the imagination, a taste for beauty, simplicity and functionality.

How do you approach the curation of the brands you represent?
Each brand that we work with has a tailor-made project, unique and always built on quality and its own identity. Every time it is a bet that fascinates us because it allows us to get in tune with the designer, the creative or the largest company.


"We firmly believe in the usefulness of design, functional and aesthetically beautiful objects and products to accompany children’s growth, starting from their early years."


What part of being an PR communication studio do you enjoy?
We are interesting at every step of our work. The success of good communication of a product understood by the press or used in the best possible way in a shooting is a great satisfaction. Even the initial phase of building a storytelling project is a great challenge that excites us
every time.

What creates a good relationship between press & PR?
We are increasingly convinced that it is professionalism, simplicity, and creativity on both sides.

Studio e Showroom
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