CIFF KIDS show us what we’ve missed!

It must have been difficult for the organizers of CIFF KIDS to let themselves believe the physical shows were back – that is until the production was probably well underway. That’s not negative towards them, rather an acknowledgment of how many of us feel at the moment. Can we truly let ourselves get excited about something until it’s really happening?

The ups and downs of the pandemic have left us all a little wary of believing that the “new normal” might mean that much-loved events & life’s occasions are coming back into our lives. After my visit to Copenhagen, and CIFF Kids however I’m now a believer!

At the airport it was evident that people are trying to get back to traveling – young families to see loved ones with lockdown babies in arm to meet grandparents for the very first time. Vaccinated, tested, tested again, and again with QR code to hand, certificates at the ready… no one said it was going to be easy.

There is no denying that currently traveling is complicated. I very nearly didn’t get back to the UK because of a problem with my passenger document, but little by little things will become easier as systems are put in place and navigating passage is simplified…

Watching the world go by in Copenhagen – people swimming in the river, walking down the embankment, looking at the buildings made me feel well like me again. 

I love my work. I love visiting other cities, cultures, and kid’s fashion from around the world, especially the independents. So with that in mind let’s talk about CIFF KIDS…

The CIFF KIDS had a new location up in a mezzanine area at the front of the entrance. Whilst the show was lacking many of the bigger Danish independents who were possibly awaiting next season when restrictions are lifted further there were still many young brands to be discovered…


New discoveries…

Vac Vac Studio

Only a year and a half old and launched during the pandemic!?! Vac Vac studio’s fun croissant print has created quite the following in their native Denmark. The touch and feel of the collection is super soft and GOTS certified. The range of their collection was impressive.


Re. Ma. Kid

Great idea Re. Ma. Kid has an agreement with a second-hand store in Denmark finding interesting used clothing to repurpose into their children’s clothing designs. Stores can give them a colour palette or fabric wish list, select their designs and have a bespoke collection of repurposed kid’s clothing for their store. Repurposing and Circular fashion in kidswear is pushing forward!



The Bini bean bags are made of 100% organic raw cotton with fabric woven especially for the label without using silicon. I must admit the images don’t do this bean bag justice, I was so impressed by the feel of the material and look of the product. The prints are also made by traditional screen printing using only water-based pure safe paints. The method provides a unique character to each product.



Hailing from Hungry the ADAMO hammock and its packaging caught my eye. Beautiful quality the hammock will convert from newborn to baby sitting. They have a lovely range of fabrics with a sophisticated use of colour and prints. Their range also includes playmats, nests, and junior swings.

The excellent packaging design goes to underline the feeling of quality from the brand.


Looks by LUKS

A huge array of hand-made turbans and headbands. I loved their baby Kimonos, especially the Arabic Paisley print. Part of the income from the sales of the ‘Diversity’ collection will be donated to the KOSMOS foundation, which strengthens the power and self-esteem of girls and women to create a stereotype-free environment.


KAS Kopenhagen

Hidden on the back wall was KAS Kopenhagen with a wonderful 4 in 1 child bed that should see them from toddler to tween. Made of solid oak the ELI bed is a beautiful design piece. I loved the delightful new wooden bird mobile, made also from oak. I’ll be purchasing one as soon as they are available for my home, even though I don’t have a baby!.


Some more interesting labels and collections to check out

Cherubin– 100% organic cotton babywear, very sweet endangered animal prints – polar bears, orangutans, and gorillas. The label donates a percentage of their income to the International Union for Nature Conservation.

Pamboo – Sustainable fashion for babies and kids. I really like the straight leg indigo stretch denim.

Minisfaere – very pretty handmade mobiles & rope rainbows with a sophisticated colour palette and a touch of sparkle.

Min Min Copenhagen – Design-led wooden toys that add to your home’s interior style. Fun for kids and nice objects for the home.

Lille Vilde – Super practical & lovely colours, silicon bowls, cutlery, etc, I really like the new rattle ball with daisy texture.


Some old friends…

A Monday in Copenhagen

A Monday in Copenhagen exhibited with a beautifully dressed stand. I passed by to say hi a few times but on each occasion, buyers were in, so I returned later to catch up.

The stand acts as a very nice showroom, both on and off-line. So whilst buyers at the show enjoy a cold drink and peruse the collection. Anne Katrine can take zoom meetings in a beautiful setting, with the rails all ready to go. All whilst looking relaxed and ready to chat and sell.

The SS22 collection was very strong with lots to pick from. Watching the A Monday in Copenhagen collections evolve has been a joy. They started out with a strong distinct aesthetic & have kept improving and adding pieces each season.

As I was at the stand I saw a potential buyer fall in love with the label whilst looking through their rails. It turns out she was only looking for sustainable pieces and whilst A Monday in Copenhagen doesn’t claim to be fully sustainable they do however have a percentage of the collection that is sustainable. Anne Katrine was quick to point her in the right direction and explain which pieces fulfilled her requirements. They placed an order there and then and A Monday in Copenhagen earnt itself a new stockist. Perfect communication by the brand in my view. Now that’s how to do it!



 Lil Boo

It was lovely to catch up with Lil Boo founder, another brand I have had the pleasure of watching develop into a great business over the years. We must have met at their first show & now the range of the collection is incredible.

Really love their AW 21 this year. Earflaps in burnt orange cord are super! Very Wes Anderson.


A quick lesson in how not to do it!

An interesting thing happened at the show which I’d like to touch upon. I don’t want to appear too negative but I think it’s an important story & a good point…

I like to look around the show and chat. Not everything necessarily catches your eye – but with the younger brands I like to find out more… maybe it’s a small collection of cotton basics but sometimes there’s a good story behind its inception.

So I approached a stand, and smiled at the girl standing far away but opposite to see if she was acting for the label.

I started with the usual “Can you tell me about the brand & collection please?’  to which she replied ‘I’m just the intern and I’ve only been with them for 2 months… so no, not really…”

I replied with a smile “…is the designer or owner here?”

“no, and I don’t think she will come, why would she – look at the form. I have just 3 contacts so far” indignant in her tone.

“… tricky times the pandemic, hope you have a good show” & with that, I walked away without looking through the collection on the rail…

What a shame for the brand I thought. Life is what YOU make it and if you must have an intern looking after your stand make sure they are on your side and have taken the time to understand your brand!!!


Catching up with Karina 1/2 kids fashion 1/2 Influencer

It was fun to catch up with Karina from KIDS magazine who during the lockdown has become quite the style influencer with an ever-growing following by embracing ‘being a woman in her 50’s’. I had so many questions – Does she film the reels herself? How does she source her clothing? How did that Vogue article come about? Perhaps a future article on Pirouette…


In conclusion

Just as travelling was a challenge, putting on a physical show whilst we are only just beginning to emerge from our Covid bubbles is a massive undertaking. CIFF and the organisers along with those participating brands deserve to be applauded for their tenacity and resilience. These are early days and footfall is bound to be down on pre-covid days. It is however these first tentative steps that will shape the new normal in the kid’s sector.


Copenhagen International Fashion Fair
11-13 August 2021