Time travel to Pitti Bimbo 98!

For the forthcoming AW/FW24 selling season “PittiTime” is the theme of Pitti Immagine’s winter fairs and the new Pitti Bimbo ad campaign, directed by Leonardo Corallini and coordinated by creative director Angelo Figus.

The idea…

For children, time is play. It allows them to wander from one era to another, from dinosaurs to astronauts. It’s a fantastic trip that erases both distance and the clock hands. These inspirations and themes captivate generation after generation with a mystifying continuity, echoing in a child’s imagination through everything from clothing and accessories to design and storytelling, linking together all these different worlds
ANGELO FIGUS, creative director


Now a word about the show…

Thinking about our January edition, nothing captures the essence of Pitti Bimbo more vividly than the rhythmic sweep of time. Like clockwork, each season arrives to suggest, showcase, contrast, anticipate, and innovate.  After all, kidswear embodies this duality of motion and stillness: it continuously evolves through innovative fabric research and novel designs yet remains anchored to timeless inspirations. On the one hand, it mirrors adult attire; on the other, it ventures increasingly into fantasy, allowing playful disguises to become part of everyday dress. The outcome is a wardrobe where both classic and athletic styles embrace whimsical elements and the thrill of surprise, playfully engaging with children and encouraging them to be not just wearers but active participants in the joy of dressing.
AGOSTINO POLETTO, general director of Pitti Immagine

Pitti Immagine CEO Raffaello Napoleone (left) and General Director Agostino Poletto (right)

Pitti Bimbo 98

17-20 January 2024
Fortezza da Basso, Florence


Pitti Bimbo 98

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