Day 2 to do list

After the excitement of day 1 I’m nicely warmed up to make a running start to day 2.  Plenty to see and lots of people to catch up with.

1. Starting off rogue

It's great to be organised and prep ahead of the shows but you also need to leave time to lose yourself in a show and discover collections, chat to people and discover some new brands.

2. To the Apartment Anja Schwewbrock (A/2)

Anja presents her new FW24 collection ‘Techno nature’
The boys’ suits in this collection are amazing. Look out for the tartan (you might call in plaid).

3. Pop next door to Ligne Noire enfants (A/4)

Italian knitwear with colour vibrance and patterns to boot - always cool
Suggest you pop next door!

4. Still hanging out in the Apartment - UPA (A/5)

They have a pair of extreme bell bottom trousers not dissimilar to a suit I occasionally wear. Make sure to check them out.
Have a quick sweep of the remaining Apartment brands. Always worth checking out every stand.

5. To the Nest

Check out the young new brands. Wander around the Kids Lab, and take a peek at the new Pitti Pets.
Then a quick step over to..

6. LIVE recording of the Kidswear therapy podcast

The major event for me today is a live recording of our new podcast Kidswear Therapy with special guest Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine.