The 6th edition of  Playtime New York took place at the St. John’s Center (Tribeca) on March 9, 10 and 11, 2013. A little bit over 100 American and International brands presented their Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collections. A 33% increase in exhibitors compared to the August 2012 show.

Returning brands

Oeuf, Jess Brown, Makie, Morley, Caramel Baby&Child, Atsuyo et Akiko, Hartford, a for apple, Bobo Choses, boy+girl, Etiquette Clothier, Aden+Anaïs, Esp n.1, Nico Nico, Lucky Fish, Marilyn Tov, Ketiketa, Mademoiselle a Soho, Noe&Zoe Berlin, to name some of my favourites.

New names that caught my eye

I’ve already written about tabout HBB Industria ArgentinaLittle Name (click on their names to read the posts). I will soon write about Kathryn DaveyFanny BeletteTushindaChat Mechant, Dana Haim.

Playtime New York – Numbers

Total number of visitors : 1 662 (12% more visitors than the last edition)

From the Americas : 88,26%, of which 82,05 % USA

From the rest of world : 11,70 %

Visitor’s break-down per day : Saturday  39,62 %, Sunday, 27,82 %, Monday, 32,56 %

Playtime New York, – Impressions

The brand assortment was homogenous with a good selection of new-comers showcasing fresh products. The space itself, too impersonal and corporate (despite great decoration efforts), was not to to very much my taste. But American buyers apparently liked “the showroom feel” (low ceilings, full carpet). Although exhibitors complained a bit about it the first day, it seems that the good attendance made them forget all quite quickly. Comments the last day were more about the good business than anything else. The Playtime final report mentions a great space that should accommodate their Summer 2013 show (August 3 – 5, 2013 ) with a capacity of 130 brands. The address is not known at this stage.

What exhibitors said about the show

“Playtime NYC was a good fair for us! It is always great meeting our clients and making new ones. Overall, the fair still brings good clients, although the transit still needs to grow.” BOBO CHOSES.

“Good buyers were at the show : we saw our existing clients as well as new customers. We will probably do August – hope in a preferable venue!” LUCKY FISH.

“Overall, we were satisfied from a business perspective as we doubled our orders compared to last year, and are still waiting for some confirmations. From a relational point of view, I am very happy because I met some wonderful people, talented and passionate about their work. The general mood was cosy, warm and smooth, which helped creating bounds between people.” MADEMOISELLE A SOHO.

“Playtime New York is the only place we can show to our base customer in the US for now and we are pretty much happy about it.” ATSUYO ET AKIKO. 

” Playtime is always a cool show to be in. Full of creative energy and pleasant individuals, we are very happy to be back!”. A FOR APPLE

New York – What’s new in the Big Apple?

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