Playtime Paris #27 is set to kick off this weekend – running for three days commencing on Saturday the 25th of January. So what’s in store at this the flagship show of the Picaflor Playtime stable and and what should we be looking out for at this edition.

Pirouette Screen Capture exhibition: Polysensorial space – 9 scents

An interview and the power of scent sparked a collaboration between Pirouette and The Society of Scent, a fragrance lab situated in the Bronx NYC. Come smell, test and experience the 9 scents developed for the exhibition with the Polysensorial space visuals by herbarium photographers Lund and Muviel.




Kid’s wear photo booth

Join the Kid’s wear team to celebrate 25 years and capture the moment at their Photo Booth!




The New Now Space has a New curator Elisa Gallois, the influencer behind Et Dieu crea.

This seasons Trends are Humble, Strange & Together

Which lead us nicely to….The Rendez- Vous

The Rendez-Vous (Kid’s Fashion Collab)

Chat and enjoy an aperitif with Pirouette, Scimparello & Smudgetikka.
Bring your cards, meet others from the industry, ask questions and share.
Sunday 12 noon 26th @ The Pirouette Space
@pirouetteblog  x @scimparello_magazine  x  @smudgetikka

The Rendez-Vous IG @therendez_vous

Over 450 brands are exhibiting, 87 french/ 363 international with this edition’s theme ‘Be Happy’ reminding us to enjoy the show!


Some collections to look out for

Vild House of Little
Hannah and Tiff

Grass and Air

Ateleir Parsmei


Playtime Paris #27

25—27 January, 2020
Parc Floral de Paris,
l’Espace Evénement,
Route de la Pyramide,
75012 Paris

Opening times
9:30 am > 6:30 pm
Closing 4:30 pm on Monday

For more info