Belle Chiara SS21

Let’s get going today with Belle Chiara SS21. The wonderful Emily Dickinson and his appreciation for nature forms the collection’s inspiration. Humble, simple, beautiful, small wildflowers brings us closer to our childhood memories, to the moments we lived… of long walks along the countryside in the summer.

⁠Relate and get excited with nature, with the daily beauty of closer surroundings.

 Become conscious that we should take care of what is important and we take care of what we value.⁠


Mainio ‘Nothing But Footprints⁠’ SS21

Next up is @mainioclothing with ‘Nothing But Footprints⁠’ SS21⁠ Our oceans are beautiful.⁠ Approximately 70% of our planet is covered with water. Vast oceans, tiny ponds, little streams, and mighty rivers. They are life-giving, beautiful, and full of life.⁠ Ocean conservation is the theme of Mainio’s SS21 collection ‘Nothing but Footprints’.⁠ None of us are too small to have an impact.⁠ We can save the sea!⁠

The collection is available for wholesale order @iloveplaytime B2B Marketplace



Next up is Kokori  with ‘THE CYCLE OF LIFE’ ⁠SS21 ⁠Influenced by the simple process of nature.⁠ The earthenware pots represent the connection of our lives with the earth. The simplest transformation of earth to a prime need of human function for years. ⁠The olive tree with its leaves has provided the best nutrition for our needs when nourished precisely over time.⁠ For generations, both processes have timelessly gone through the same cycle. Within these extraordinary circumstances, our current cycle, has made us aware of these basic processes. ⁠

⁠The Kokori collection is available for wholesale order @iloveplaytime B2B Marketplace ⁠


Closing the day is @poupeekids with a super cool shoot!⁠ ‘THE POUPÉE SABOTAGE⁠’ SS21 ⁠ Kids are the perfect sabotage to every grown-up mess, especially effective against seriousness,⁠ pretence, boredom and uneventful wardrobes. ⁠The Poupée couture is designed as an antidote⁠ to unoriginality, rebelling against fast copy-paste fashion and turning a kid’s conventional⁠ wardrobe into a theatre dressing room.⁠

⁠The collection is available for wholesale order @iloveplaytime B2B Marketplace ⁠


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