Lego was my favourite toy for many years while growing up, even if it didn’t offer the infinite array of specialised pieces that you find today. We could always improvise by mixing wood blocks or erector-set pieces to create some great hybrid robots, vehicles and landscapes. How cool it is then to

stumble on these awesome kits by Brikkon Space, which let you combine you Lego kits with lovely wooden templates to create some truly unique new arrangements. The contrast of the wood with the ‎coloured bricks is beautiful, and inspired! Sure, the new generation of Architecture, Star Wars and other sets is fun, but how inspiring to go back to basics – again! – with our favourite coloured bricks! 

Available at Brikkon (NL) and at The Wee Department Store (UK) amongst other places stores all around the planet.

“£27.95 – This awesome flat packed plywood spaceship will be any lego lovers ideal present. It comes with the star but without the building blocks. Packaging is 28 x 23.5 x 1.5 cm”.