How fun and inviting does ‘The Clover House’ kindergarten in the small town of Okazaki, Japan look. It’s the first project in Japan by Beijing based studio MAD architects. The former building was becoming too small for the needs of it’s young users so a remodel was required. The building was formerly a two story residence looking out on to paddy fields and mountains beyond. The design brief was to create a modern educational institution where the little ones would feel as comfortable as if it were home, allowing them to learn and grow in an enriching environment.

The building was a prefabricated house so to reduce costs MAD architects decided to recycle the existing wooden structure by making it into a feature of the overall design and encapsulating the learning area. The windows use a variety of shapes to allow sunlight to permeate into the space which in turn creates ever-changing shadows. A playful design feature to stimulate the children’s imagination and curiosity.

MAD architects designed ‘The Clover House’ from a child’s point of view with the aim to create a playful piece of architecture that would remain in the memory of the child and beyond. It’ so unique and fun we think they may have very well achieved their goal.

Clover house kindergarten Okazaki Japan by MAD architects

The children sliding from the second floor into their play area.

Clover house kindergarten Okazaki Japan by MAD architects

The prexisting wooden structure incorporated into the design by encapsulating the learning space


The different shaped windows designed to to cast playful shapes.

Clover house kindergarten Okazaki Japan by MAD architects

The paddy field and the Kindergarten by night

photo credit fuji koji