When Naomi Bolderhey-Pescheux and Judith Bakker met in Indonesia. The two Dutch designers were expats in the country at that time, and it took them only a blink to come up with the idea to team and to create a children’s line. DUDUK was born, out of a common love for beautiful textiles and a desire to combine motherhood with entrepreneurship in a meaningful way.

The name Duduk comes from the Indonesian word for “sit”, so DUDUK naturally offers a collection of home-decor items designed for kids to sit in or on. Using the traditional Indonesian art of Batik, each piece is hand- stamped, hand-dyed, and hand-made. That means that every piece is truly one of a kind.
DUDUK’s products are crafted by local artisans using natural materials like kapok, bamboo, rattan and cotton when ever possible. The collection focuses on the age-old art of Batik. Naomi and Judit like fun prints and bright colours, as well as mixing-and-matching. There is no limit to the different combinations that can be made with DUDUK’s colour palette : soft tones, bright colors, matching or contrasting. The main purpose id to bring fun and colour into your home, as well as your own personal style.

With a commitment to fair trade, environmental awareness in mind, DUDUK advocates a return to hand-made products working closely with talented Indonesian artisans and supporting home industries to help ensure the art of Batik stays alive.

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