“Vitrina” by Hierve was one of the coolest products on show at the London Design Festival last fall. Vitrina translates as window cabinet in Spanish, and the collection consists of four different cabinets that blend solid wood, glass, colour (including neon pink) and lighting features. A distinctive and new way of  storing and displaying things at home, the sexy cabinets seem a cross between art installation and natural history museum storage units.

Hierve is a boutique design consultancy based in Mexico City and London, established in 1999 by Alejandro Villarreal. The brand and its owners have an incredible energy, that reflects the vibrating design, architectural and cultural life of their home town. Although quite small, the company has a global approach, teaming up with highly qualified professionals who bring up their talent from Mexico City (Mexico), London (UK), Boulder (USA), Sofia (Bulgaria), Munich (Germany), etc.

“Hierve has the purpose of serving society through high quality projects in architecture, product design, visual arts and service design. At the core of our belief system is the underlying idea that creativity should not serve itself, but should serve society as a whole“.

If you are planning to visit to Maison&Objet, visit Case Furniture to discover Hierve’s latest creations.