Gift is a lamp by Leanter,  inspired by nature. Made out of wood and aluminum, it is available in 7 different tones.

The shape for the Giffy concept was inspired by a photo picturing giraffes standing majestically next to Acacia trees in a beautiful savannah sunset – a sight that represents very well the diversity, beauty and functionality that is so characteristic of nature.

The inspiring variety around us was transferred to the lamps by using different colours for the lamp´s 1.5 mm thick aluminium shade. The shade is powder coated and currently there are 7 different tones in selection to match with the colour of the textile cable, which was chosen over regular PVC cables for its natural appearance. Birch plywood was chosen to be the material for the body of the lamp to link the product, that has been inspired by the nature, with the nature as well.

Design by Leanter Design should be quaint, inspiring and full of extensive variety

Nature around us is full of different forms and shapes – it is original, captivating, inspiring and includes great variety. All those different natural colours and shapes create very beautiful and emotional moments worth noticing, but sadly people are very often limited to a living environment that is too monotonous and full of excessive rationality.

This is not right and we should try to reverse this trend, because as a species we are in a unique position — we possess creativity and also the skills for applying that creativity in practice. That is the very reason why we should maintain, value and encourage variety in the living environment we are building.

Leanter wants to preserve that rich variety by developing high-quality products that are both functional and also individual in their design, thus provoking inspiring and encouraging emotions.

The mood lamp version, Giffy 11.4“, is 29 cm high, 14.5 cm wide and 26 cm long with a 18 mm thick birch plywood body and 12 mm thick plywood legs. This version of the lamp uses G9 LED bulbs with a maximum wattage of 4W.

The table lamp version, Giffy 17.7”, is 45 cm high, 17 cm wide and 34 cm long. It´s body and legs are made of 18 mm thick birch plywood and the lamp works with a single GU10 LED bulb with a maximum wattage of 8W.