Vyta is from Lithuania, Christian is German. The two friends met in Barcelona 10 years ago. Today, in the beautiful Roman village in Central Spain where they moved, they created  Monkey on a Donkey. A brand of creative vintage furniture and décor for children and their parents, that you can understand better with these 3 words :  “Upcycling goes bananas!”.

Vyta has a designer background and Christian has studied and worked some years in carpentry. Both of them have ended organizing events, Vyta in the trade fairs and exhibitions area, Christian in the party and music scene. That’s still their main activity, while Monkey on a Donkey is, at the moment, developed in their free time. An excellent way to keep linked to their original professions and to be creative.

Some vintage pieces used for their creations are treasure finds from local markets, some are sourced online and come from really far away, It’s a real mix’n match of local and foreign, old and new, handmade and mass-produced, but only treated with kids-friendly water-based paint and varnish.

Monkey on a Donkey’s creations are available here, on Etsy.com and soon in a selection of children’s stores around the world.