A cool Exhibit is in preparation at bobo kids in London. Opening in May, it will feature the work of photographer and filmmaker Richard Unglik.

Born in the 70s as Playmobil took off and passionate about art, film and history, Richard developed an original photography concept to merge iconic characters with the world renowned toy. In 2000, he created a book that would tell world history, illustrated by Playmobil figures. At the same time he discovered a new tool for artistic creation: the design and computer-aided image. An idea was born, the adventure began.

Pictures in the collection pay homage to global icons and renowned films throughout the decades including Warhol, The Beatles, Che Guevara, Karl Lagerfeld, Men in Black and exclusive for bobo kids is his witty portrait of The Queen.

bobo kids sells brands such as Oeuf, Laurette, Creme Anglaise, but they also stock a wide range of imaginative artwork for children’s spaces in various styles, from bespoke photography to limited edition screen prints, contemporary canvases and retro posters.

The exhibition will run until the end of July. Prices from £450.